The Devil

The Devil

Basic Meaning of The Devil (Rider-Waite)

The Devil is the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana in tarot and symbolizes desires, materialism, and being bound by unhealthy patterns. The card’s image shows a large devil figure standing over two people who are chained with shackles. It represents that we can sometimes become trapped by our own desires, fears, and dependencies, and that we need to confront these in order to be free.

Upright Meaning

When The Devil appears upright in a tarot reading it means that you may be stuck in an unhealthy situation, relationship, or behavior pattern. The card encourages you to acknowledge your desires, fears, and weaknesses and to take responsibility for overcoming them. It is a time for self-awareness and questioning if your current actions and choices are really benefitting you and your wellbeing.

Reversed Meaning

If The Devil is reversed in a reading it can signify that you are on the brink of breaking away from negative behaviors, dependencies, or relationships. It can also mean that you are struggling to let go of old patterns and need more strength and determination to be free. The card encourages you to keep fighting for your freedom and to seek support from friends, family, or professional counselors if needed.

Example Reading

If The Devil appears in a reading alongside Two of Swords and Eight of Pentagrams it could be interpreted as you being faced with a difficult decision (Two of Swords) regarding a situation or relationship that is negative or unhealthy for you (The Devil). Through hard work, commitment, and focusing on your own skills and development (Eight of Pentagrams) you will be able to break away from this situation and create a better future for yourself.

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