The Celtic Cross Love Spread

For whom? For those who want to gain deep insights into their romantic relationship.

Explanation: A comprehensive tarot spread that examines your romantic relationship through ten specific cards. Each card in the spread addresses different aspects of the relationship, from the current emotional climate and underlying foundations to external influences and future prospects.

Couple in love
Love Symbol

1. Start by shuffling the deck

2. Reveal the Cards

Upright and reversed cards are interpreted inversely.

Tarot Card Back1. The Present
Tarot Card Back2. The Challenge
Tarot Card Back3. The Foundation
Tarot Card Back4. The Recent Past
Tarot Card Back5. The Above
Tarot Card Back6. The Near Future
Tarot Card Back7. Advice
Tarot Card Back8. External Influences
Tarot Card Back9. Hopes and Fears
Tarot Card Back10. The Outcome

Layout and Interpretation of the Celtic Cross Love Spread

This spread is particularly beneficial for those seeking a thorough analysis of their romantic life. It can help individuals understand not just what is happening in their relationships, but also why things are happening and how they might evolve. By providing a comprehensive overview from various perspectives, the Love Celtic Cross Spread aids querents in making informed decisions about their love life, offering deep insights into emotional undercurrents, mutual perceptions, and future possibilities.

In our tarot program, we have simplified the layout to make it more technically clear in programming terms. The important aspect of tarot spreads is to be consistent in interpretations, not in the pattern in which the cards are laid out. If you were to do a Celtic Cross Love Spread at home, however, the layout might look more like this, as the Celtic Cross is traditionally arranged:

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Love Celtic Cross consists of ten cards arranged in a specific pattern that builds on the foundational structure of the traditional Celtic Cross. Each card and position has a distinct purpose:

  • Card 1: The Present – This card sits in the center and represents the current state or primary issue of the relationship. It sets the tone for the entire reading, highlighting the primary emotions or situations being experienced in the present.
  • Card 2: The Challenge – Positioned across the first card, this represents immediate obstacles or challenges facing the relationship that might complicate the current situation or block progress.
  • Card 3: The Foundation – Located below the central cards, this reflects the basis or root of the relationship, showing deeper, underlying factors or past events that have significant impact on the present circumstances.
  • Card 4: The Recent Past – This card, placed to the left, sheds light on events or feelings that have recently influenced the relationship, leading up to the present moment.
  • Card 5: The Above – Situated above the central cards, this position reveals the potential best outcome or the aspirations and goals within the relationship, representing what could be achieved under ideal circumstances.
  • Card 6: The Near Future – To the right of the central cards, this forecasts the immediate direction the relationship is likely to take in the coming weeks or months.
  • Card 7: Advice – Positioned further to the right, this card provides guidance on the approach or mindset to adopt to navigate challenges effectively and to foster a healthier relationship.
  • Card 8: External Influences – Located further down the line, this reveals factors or external forces affecting the relationship, which could include influences from other people, societal expectations, or external pressures.
  • Card 9: Hopes and Fears – This card uncovers the querent’s deepest hopes and fears concerning the relationship, illuminating what they are most anxious about or what they desire the most.
  • Card 10: The Outcome – The final card in the spread predicts the potential long-term outcome of the relationship, summarizing the forces at play and the likely resolution of the current dynamics based on how they are managed.

The Relationship Tarot Spread

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Lovers couple

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Couple in love

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