Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

A 10 Card Tarot Reading

For whom? For those seeking an in-depth and versatile reading that can provide insights into various aspects of their life

Explanation: The Celtic Cross stands out as the most iconic and popular tarot card spread. With its 10-card layout, it is often chosen for its versatility in providing comprehensive general readings. Many tarot enthusiasts appreciate its depth and insight into various aspects of life. With our interactive tarot program for the Celtic Cross, you can more easily perform a personal reading and get assistance with the interpretation.

Tarot Symbol

1. Focus on the question and shuffle the deck

2. Reveal the cards

Reversed and upright cards are interpreted differently.

Tarot Card Back1. The Present
Tarot Card Back2. The Challenge
Tarot Card Back3. The Past
Tarot Card Back4. The Future
Tarot Card Back5. Your Goals
Tarot Card Back6. The Subconscious
Tarot Card Back7. Advice
Tarot Card Back8. External Influences
Tarot Card Back9. Hopes and Fears
Tarot Card Back10. Outcome

How to perform the Celtic Cross tarot spread?

Due to the complex layout of the Celtic Cross, we have chosen to simplify the pattern in the interactive program – but the interpretation remains the same nonetheless.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross should be laid out as per the above image, and the cards are interpreted according to the numbering as follows:

  1. The Present: This position represents the current state and what the querent is facing right now. It shows the overarching circumstances and the personal energy surrounding the situation.
  2. The Challenge: This position highlights the immediate problems or challenges that are obstructing the querent, which can be internal or external obstacles affecting the situation.
  3. The Past: Reflects the events and experiences from the past that have led to the current situation, including learned behaviors or influencing circumstances.
  4. The Future: Provides insight into the direction the situation is heading and the possible outcomes if things continue along the same path.
  5. Your Goals: Shows what the querent hopes to achieve and indicates the querent’s best possible outcome or what they are striving for in relation to their question.
  6. The Subconscious: Reveals the underlying feelings, the subconscious drive, and the deeper aspects of the situation that may not be immediately apparent.
  7. Advice: Provides guidance on how the querent should act to optimally handle their situation and the actions that can be taken to best navigate through current obstacles.
  8. External Influences: Shows factors or influences from the outside world that affect the situation, which can include other people, energies, or events that are beyond the querent’s control.
  9. Hopes and Fears: Reveals the querent’s deepest hopes and fears related to their question, reflecting both what they desire and what they fear the most.
  10. Outcome: The final result of the query and how the situation will evolve based on all dynamics and forces at play, summarizing the entire reading and showing where things are heading.

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