The Relationship Tarot Spread

For whom? For those curious about what the person they love thinks about them.

Explanation: This is a five-card spread that provides insight into the dynamics between two people. The cards represent how you view yourself, how you view the other person, how they view you, what stands between you, and the overall potential of the relationship.

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Love Symbol

1. Start by shuffling the deck

2. Reveal the cards

Reversed and upright cards are interpreted differently.

Tarot Card Back1. How You View Yourself
Tarot Card Back2. How You View the Other Person
Tarot Card Back3. How They View You
Tarot Card Back4. What Stands Between You
Tarot Card Back5. Overall Potential of the Relationship

More about the relationship tarot spread

The Relationship Cross Spread is designed to explore the interpersonal dynamics between two individuals. It provides insight into each person’s perspective within the relationship, the challenges they may face together, and the potential future of their interaction. This spread is particularly useful for understanding how both parties view themselves and each other, which can help in addressing any underlying issues and enhancing the relationship’s health.

Layout and Interpretation

As usual with tarot, the appearance of the spread is not important. What matters is being consistent in your interpretation with regard to the cards’ positions. A five-card tarot spread is typically done as shown in the image below, but there is nothing wrong with it looking like the one above either.

Five Card Tarot Spread
  • Card 1: How You View Yourself – This card represents your self-perception within the context of the relationship. It reveals how you see your role, your feelings, and your behavior, which can help you understand your own influence on the relationship dynamics.
  • Card 2: How You View the Other Person – This card sheds light on your perception of the other individual. It highlights your thoughts, feelings, and expectations regarding them, offering insights into how your views might be affecting the relationship.
  • Card 3: How They View You – Conversely, this card reflects how the other person sees you. It includes their perceptions, feelings, and thoughts about you, providing a mirror to understand how you are received and perceived by your partner or friend.
  • Card 4: What Stands Between You – This card is crucial as it identifies the challenges, obstacles, or issues that are currently affecting the relationship. These could be misunderstandings, external pressures, internal conflicts, or differences in values and goals.
  • Card 5: Overall Potential of the Relationship – The final card in the spread provides a forecast about the potential outcome of the relationship. It evaluates the strengths and weaknesses revealed by the previous cards and suggests what the future might hold if the current dynamics continue or if changes are made.

The Celtic Cross Love Spread

For those who want to gain deep insights into their romantic relationship. A comprehensive tarot spread that examines your romantic relationship through ten specific cards. Each card in the spread addresses different aspects of the relationship, from the current emotional climate and underlying foundations to external influences and future prospects.

Couple in love

The Lovers Tarot Spread

For those seeking to understand and navigate their romantic relationships. The Lovers Spread is specifically designed to analyze romantic relationships. It's used to gain insights into how both partners perceive each other, the current dynamics between them, potential challenges they might face, and possible outcomes of their relationship.

Lovers couple

The True Love Tarot Spread

For couples and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of their romantic relationship. The True Love Spread provides deep insights into the dynamics between two people in love. Using six cards, it explores how you view each other, what you need from one another, the strengths of your relationship, and potential issues that may need attention. This spread is ideal for those who want to enhance their relationship by addressing both emotional and practical aspects, fostering better communication, and strengthening their bond.

Couple in love

The Soulmate Tarot Spread

For those seeking deeper connections and insights about their soulmate. The Soulmate Tarot Spread is a 6 card spread tailored for individuals curious about their soulmate, whether they've met them already or are still searching. This spread provides clarity on the soulmate's character, the dynamic of the relationship, potential obstacles, the context of meeting, timing, and the initial outcome. It’s ideal for those looking for spiritual or karmic connections, offering guidance and perspective on their romantic path.

Soul Mates