The True Love Tarot Spread

For whom? For couples and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of their romantic relationship.

Explanation: The True Love Spread provides deep insights into the dynamics between two people in love. Using six cards, it explores how you view each other, what you need from one another, the strengths of your relationship, and potential issues that may need attention. This spread is ideal for those who want to enhance their relationship by addressing both emotional and practical aspects, fostering better communication, and strengthening their bond.

Couple in love
Love Symbol

1. Start by shuffling the deck

2. Reveal the cards

Reversed and upright cards are interpreted differently.

Tarot Card Back1. How You View Your Partner
Tarot Card Back2. How Your Partner Views You
Tarot Card Back3. What You Need from Your Partner
Tarot Card Back4. What Your Partner Needs from You
Tarot Card Back5. Strengths of the Relationship
Tarot Card Back6. Potential Issues That Need Attention

More About The True Love Spread

The True Love Spread is particularly useful for couples looking to enhance their understanding of each other and improve their relationship. It can serve as a tool for reflection and conversation, helping partners discuss what is often unspoken and affirm what keeps them strong. This spread is recommended for anyone seeking clarity on their romantic dynamics, wanting to address current or potential issues, and wishing to deepen their emotional connection.

By interpreting these six cards, individuals and couples can gain valuable insights into their romantic lives, facilitating better communication and fostering a deeper emotional bond.

Layout and Interpretation

If you do your own 6 cards True Love Tarot Spread at home, it’s good to use a specific method for laying out the cards. How you lay out the cards is not important, but it is important to be consistent so that each card in a certain position is always interpreted in the predetermined way. Below, you can see an example of how a typical 6-card tarot spread can be laid out to make it more atmospheric.

Six Card Tarot Spread
  • Card 1: How You View Your Partner – This card reflects your perception of your partner, including what you admire and perhaps what challenges you in your partner’s behavior or personality.
  • Card 2: How Your Partner Views You – Mirroring the first card, this reveals how your partner perceives you. It includes their thoughts and feelings about you, which might be different from your self-perception.
  • Card 3: What You Need from Your Partner – This card delves into your needs within the relationship, which might not be openly communicated. It can reveal emotional needs, support expectations, or other forms of connection you seek.
  • Card 4: What Your Partner Needs from You – Complementing the third card, this one explores what your partner expects or needs from you. Understanding this can improve how you support and interact with each other.
  • Card 5: Strengths of the Relationship – This card highlights the positive aspects and strengths of your relationship. It focuses on what keeps you together and what works well between you, such as shared values, mutual respect, or emotional support.
  • Card 6: Potential Issues That Need Attention – The final card in this spread points out possible problems or challenges that may be affecting the relationship or could pose issues in the future. This card is crucial for proactive relationship care and improvement.

The Relationship Tarot Spread

For those curious about what the person they love thinks about them. This is a five-card spread that provides insight into the dynamics between two people. The cards represent how you view yourself, how you view the other person, how they view you, what stands between you, and the overall potential of the relationship.

Girl in love, dreaming about boy

The Celtic Cross Love Spread

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Couple in love

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Lovers couple

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Soul Mates