Everyday Tarot – Tarot for Everyday Questions

Have you ever wondered how you can make your daily decisions a little more… mystical? Everyday Tarot is here to add a whimsically magical touch to your daily ponderings. It’s a playful method that offers a fun and unexpected way to find inspiration.

Tarot Readings for Everyday Questions

Am I Lucky Today?

For those who want to explore their luck today and make informed decisions in various aspects of life, such as relationships, work, or even trying their luck with gambling or online casinos.

Lucky tarot

Instagram Name Generator

Are you looking for username tips that really stand out on Instagram or other social platforms? Our tarot name generator is the solution for you.

Social Media Platform logos in the universe

What book should I read?

This tarot spread uses three cards to guide you in choosing your next reading experience. The cards select books for adults, young adults, and children that match the combined meanings of the tarot cards.

A woman is lying in a hammock in green nature, reading a book.

What should I eat?

Do you want to cook something new but can't decide what? Try this tarot spread consisting of three cards to inspire your culinary adventures. Each card will be interpreted to reflect different culinary elements such as flavor profile, food culture, or cooking method. By interpreting the meanings of the cards, you can get unexpected and creative suggestions for dishes to prepare. A perfect way to break the cooking routine and experiment with new flavors.

Lots of vegetables

What should I paint?

For artists seeking inspiration or direction in their next painting, this tarot spread offers a guiding hand. Shuffle the deck and reveal the card, which is then interpreted to provide you with a subject that matches the card on various levels of seriousness. Each card is interpreted with its symbolism in mind and how it can be incorporated into your artistic work.

A woman in front of an easel painting a picture.

Which movie should I watch?

This tarot spread uses three cards to help you choose which movie to watch. When you shuffle and draw three cards, each card will represent different aspects of the potential movie experience – from genre to thematic depth and emotional resonance. The combined meanings of the cards are carefully interpreted to provide you with a well-balanced suggestion. Whether you're looking for adventure, romance, or a profound drama, this spread can offer clarity and direction for your next movie night.

Couple watching movie in sofa

Free General Tarot Spreads

Free Tarot Readings

A vast collection of free interactive tarot readings where the spreads are interpreted according to all the rules of tarot art with the help of AI. Whether you are using tarot just for fun or for deeper introspection, I hope you find the readings useful.

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