Yes or No Tarot Spread #1

For whom? The yes/no tarot spread is ideal for anyone seeking a quick and straightforward answer to their question, with a simple, immediate response.

Explanation: This tarot spread contains only one card and focuses solely on whether the card drawn is upright or reversed. We would also like to recommend a more advanced Yes or No Tarot Spread #2  where you can type your question and get a more sophisticated answer.

Tarot woman in mystical atmosphere with the text Tarot Yes/No
Tarot Symbol

Start by shuffling the deck

Focus on your question and reveal the card

An upright card means yes.
A reversed card means no.

Tarot Card Back

Did you know…?

Did you know that tarot cards have a rich and fascinating history? Here are five interesting facts about tarot that might surprise you:

  1. Game Origins: Tarot cards were originally used for playing a game called ”tarocchi” in Italy during the 15th century. It wasn’t until later that they became associated with mystical and divinatory practices.
  2. Card Meanings: Each tarot card has its own unique meaning, but these meanings can change based on whether the card is drawn upright or reversed. This is especially important in yes or no tarot readings where the card’s orientation can influence the answer.
  3. Symbolic Artwork: The intricate artwork on tarot cards is filled with symbols and imagery that convey deeper meanings. For example, the ”Fool” card often depicts a carefree traveler, symbolizing new beginnings and potential.
  4. Free  Tarot Readings: We offer detailed insights from tarot cards at no cost. Our free tarot readings cover everything from love and career to personal growth and challenges, providing valuable guidance without any expense.
  5. Energy Matters: Some tarot readers believe that the energy surrounding the cards can impact the reading. They suggest storing your tarot cards in a special cloth or box and even using crystals to enhance their energy.

Want to try another yes or no spread?

Yes or No Tarot Spread #2

For those seeking quick and easy yes or no answers but still want the option of a genuine tarot interpretation. This is a more advanced version of the Yes or No Tarot Spread #1. This time, you can also submit your question and get the spread interpreted according to the cards' real meanings, not only taking into consideration whether the tarot card drawn is upright or not (which is the sole function of Yes or No Tarot Spread #1).