5 Cards Tarot Spread

For whom? For anyone who needs strategic guidance to develop an effective action plan.

Explanation: This 5-card tarot spread is designed to provide a thorough analysis of your current life situation and the factors affecting it. By exploring the past, present, and future, as well as identifying the underlying causes and potential in your situation, the spread aims not only to provide insight but also to create a practical action plan.

Love Symbol

1. Think of an open question and shuffle the cards

2. Reveal the cards

Reversed and upright cards are interpreted differently.

Tarot Card BackCurrent situation or theme
Tarot Card BackPast influences
Tarot Card BackThe future
Tarot Card BackThe reason behind the question
Tarot Card BackThe potential of the situation

More About This Spread

Each card in this 5-card spread is designed to reflect specific aspects of your question and offers advice that can be directly turned into action. The actual layout of the cards does not really matter; it is entirely voluntary. What is important is that you are aware of what each card in each position means and that you make your layouts consistent.

How to Lay Out the Cards

The actual layout of the cards does not really matter; it is entirely voluntary. The important thing is just to keep track of which card is in which position and what it means, and to make your layouts consistent.
Here is how the cards in a 5-card spread, a cross, are usually laid out:

5 Card Tarot Spread

How to Interpret the Cards

1. Current Situation or Theme

This card represents the current environment and the prevailing emotions or thoughts. Depending on the card’s orientation, it provides guidance on how best to navigate the present to promote your action plan.

2. Past Influences

This card reveals factors or events from the past that still have an effect. It helps you identify past lessons or unresolved issues that should be considered in your action plan.

3. The Future

This card predicts potential outcomes based on current trends. It advises on future steps and how you can prepare for these outcomes to work in your favor in the action plan.

4. The Reason Behind the Question

This card examines deeper causes of your current situation. It provides insights that are crucial for understanding and addressing the underlying issues in your action plan.

5. The Potential of the Situation

This card explores the full potential within your current situation. It highlights opportunities for improvement and growth and how these can be integrated into a comprehensive action plan.
This structured and purposeful interpretation of the tarot cards ensures that the reading is not only informative but also directly useful in supporting decision-making and promoting personal and professional development.

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