Free Fortune Teller

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About the fortune teller

The tool you find on this page is designed to emulate the predictive powers of a fortune teller, with responses generated by artificial intelligence. Primarily, it’s an entertaining tool that we hope will bring you joy, and it’s completely free to use.

The trustworthiness of online fortune tellers

It may be intriguing to note that our digital seer is likely as reliable as many self-proclaimed fortune tellers on the internet…

Questionable seriousness of fortune tellers

It’s essential to be aware that the online fortune-telling industry is often driven more by profit motives than genuine intentions. When you come forward with a real problem, it can be exploited as an opportunity to drain your wallet. Becoming an internet seer sometimes only requires a quick course costing around 25 dollars per hour, spanning 5-10 hours. The outcome? Responses of dubious earnestness that might cost you 20 kronor per minute.

Our commitment to authentic fortune tellers

Our aim is to eventually partner with fortune tellers who approach this art form with seriousness and appreciate self-reflection, and who have a true understanding of spirituality, spirituality, and consciousness. Without respect for this aspect, it becomes challenging to derive any value, regardless of belief. Time will tell who will appear on our site and who can be considered worthy of the task. If you have any recommendations, please send them to [email protected].