The Basic Meaning of the Card (Rider-Waite)

Judgment is the twentieth card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana and symbolizes awakening, renewal and a feeling of calling. The card’s image shows an angel blowing a trumpet, and people rising from their graves. It represents that when we confront and accept our inner truth and forgive ourselves and others, we can experience a feeling of spiritual awakening and renewal.

Upright Meaning

When Judgment appears upright in a Tarot reading it means that it is a time of awakening, personal growth and following your inner calling. The card urges you to be honest with yourself about your actions, feelings and desires, and to seek forgiveness and reconciliation where needed. It is a time to embrace change and to work towards achieving your highest goals and ideals.

Reversed Meaning

If Judgment is reversed in a reading it can indicate that you are having difficulty confronting and accepting your inner truth or that you are avoiding taking responsibility for your actions and decisions. It can also mean that you feel uncertain of your calling or that you are not listening to your inner promptings. The card urges you to be honest with yourself, to seek forgiveness and reconciliation, and to be open to your inner guidance and calling.

Example of an Interpretation

If Judgment appears in a reading along with Eight of Cups and Three of Swords it could be interpreted as that by confronting and accepting your inner truth and seeking forgiveness (Judgment) you will be able to leave behind old patterns, feelings and situations that no longer serve you (Eight of Cups). This process may involve going through a period of grief and heartache (Three of Swords) in order to heal and renew, but it will lead to a deeper feeling of awakening and personal growth in the long run.

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