Four of Cups

Four of Cups

The Basic Meaning of the Card (Rider-Waite)

The Four of Cups represents introspection, contemplation and conscious inactivity. The card shows a person sitting under a tree with three cups in front of them and a fourth cup being offered by a hand coming out of a cloud. The person appears to be uninterested in the new offering, focused on their own thoughts and feelings.

Reversed Meaning

When the Four of Cups is reversed, it symbolizes a period of inner reflection, self-assessment and the need to withdraw to gain clarity. The card may indicate that you are feeling dissatisfied or bored with your current situation and need to take a break to reflect on your priorities and values. It may also mean that you have been offered an opportunity or chance but feel uncertain about accepting it.

Upright Meaning

When the Four of Cups is upright, it can indicate that you have been too much in your own head and are at risk of missing important opportunities or relationships in your life. It may be a reminder to be more open and receptive to what is being offered and not get caught up in self-pity or apathy. Upright, the card can also mean that you are beginning to come out of a period of inner reflection and are ready to engage more actively with the world.

Example Interpretation

If the Four of Cups appears in a reading where the question is whether you should accept a new job offer, the card may indicate that you need to take some time to really reflect on whether this job is in line with your values and long-term goals. If the card is surrounded by positive cards, it can point to you needing to be more open to accepting new opportunities and not let fear or uncertainty hold you back. If the card is surrounded by negative cards, it may indicate that you should be cautious and not jump on the first offer without carefully considering the consequences.

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