Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

Basic Meaning of the Card (Rider-Waite)

The Knight of Wands is one of the court cards in the tarot’s Minor Arcana within the Wands suit and represents adventure, passion and restlessness. The card’s image shows a knight on horseback holding a wand, symbolizing that he is ready to take on challenges and to follow his passions. It represents that we sometimes need to be brave, act quickly and embrace change in order to reach our goals.

Upright Meaning

When the Knight of Wands appears upright in a tarot reading it signifies a time of adventure, passion and restlessness. The card urges you to be brave and to follow your passions, even if it means taking risks or making drastic changes in your life. It is also a reminder that it is important to act quickly and not hesitate when opportunities come your way. The Knight of Wands may also represent a person in your life who is passionate, adventurous and restless.

Reversed Meaning

If the Knight of Wands is reversed in a reading it can signify that you are acting impulsively or without thought, which can lead to problems and conflicts. It can also mean that you are feeling restless or impatient but are unsure how to channel that energy in a positive way. The card urges you to reflect on your actions and be more mindful of the consequences of your decisions. It can also be a reminder that sometimes it is best to be patient and wait for the right moment to act.

Example Interpretation

If the Knight of Wands appears in a reading alongside the Queen of Cups and Nine of Pentacles it could be interpreted as embracing change and acting quickly (Knight of Wands) will lead to developing deeper emotional connections and empathy (Queen of Cups). This in turn will lead to a feeling of material and personal satisfaction (Nine of Pentacles). The card urges you to be brave and follow your passions while taking into consideration others’ feelings and needs in the process.

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